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Just One Thing

Cracking Retirement - Just One Thing

We are all guilty at trying to do too many things at once. Then we start falling by the wayside and nothing seems to get finished as well as it should.  So what would happen if you stopped trying to do many things and you were to do just ‘One Thing’, what would that mean?

At the start of the year I did a major goal setting exercise, and came up with several goals, (Dream Big) and I have been trying to progress them all at the same time, with the result that a few have been falling by the wayside.  Between trying to lose weight, get an online jewellery store underway, my metal work hobby, learning French and Spanish, growing my blog and at the same time, keeping a good relationship with my children despite the fact that they are geographically a fair distance away, I have been struggling a bit.

Hence the suggestion of focusing on ‘just one thing’ has become quite appealing. I have read quite a lot of biographies of successful people, and many say the same thing. Get up earlier and spend time on things that are going to further your main goals before you get caught up in other stuff. Morning is often the most creative time. Last thing at night, spend time thinking about your main goal, think about how you want it to go and then sleep on it. Your subconscious will continue to work on it while you sleep, and you will often find you have got some direction the next morning. The brain is an amazing piece of machinery.

So, let’s say you take your main goal forward, and really focus on it. You make progress, but you never quite reach the heady heights you had dreamed of. Is it OK to fail? To paraphrase Mr Groovy’s words in his post on Picking Up Trash Reasonable failure is an achievement you couldn’t have possibly fathomed when you started’. If you had never dreamed, had never tried something, you would not have achieved anything. This way, the end game may not have been quite as you had hoped or expected, but you will have learned something along the way and be the better for it. At least that’s my view.

Our lifestyles are a product of many failures. Edison kept on persevering despite many failures. Apple was a failing company 20 years ago, then they brought out the iPod, cornered the market, and look where it has gone since. …. In the case of Apple, a mere $100 investment in the company’s stock at the beginning of 2002 would now, in early 2016, have grown to a sum of more than $5,000, or more than 50 times the original investment. (Source: Investopedia)

J K Rowling was once a single mother writing ‘Harry Potter’ in coffee shops to save heating her apartment. Now she is a multi millionaire.

So what is your ‘One Thing’? What would you change about your life?

  • Lose 20 lbs (and keep it off!)
  • Be fluent in a language
  • Volunteer
  • Get Out of Debt
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Retire in 10 years
  • Be the next Warren Buffet
  • Get a board position in your company

You name it, it’s your life.

Cracking REtirment Dreaming Under the stars


However, when you set a goal and really go for it, make it the first thing you think of in the morning, and the last thing you think of before you sleep. Your intuition will start working in overdrive, you will perceive opportunities you might otherwise have missed. Until you try, you don’t know what you are capable of.

So by all means have multiple goals, but focus on the main one, and just be amazed where it gets you!  Go for it.

In case you’re wondering, I have decided my blog is my main goal, so I am going for it. It is nine months since I started. My viewing stats are still less than 10k, but improving steadily.

Watch this space!

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Cracking Retirement - Just One Thing


  1. I think you are right about just one thing! When I came back from my latest adventure, all my home projects were overwhelming. It helped to focus on one at a time until it was done. There is just soooo much to do. But I also feel like I’m unearthing or recovering my life at the same time. Years of working and sapping my life energy, left my personal life neglected and recovery is going to take time. I feel like I can’t get to the fun stuff until I catch up on the years of neglect, I allowed to occur from working so much. But everything is looking up now that summer is here, hurray!

    1. I absolutely agree Nancy. I was several years into retirement before I was fit to even consider the future. Your mind and body need some time to recover from the effects of years of too much work / pressure etc. I think we are allowed to follow our own pace!

      I agree everything looks better now that summer is here, and even in Scotland it would appear to have arrived!

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