My Metal Work Showcase

As I have mentioned in the blog, I love making things, primarily with metal.  All sorts, from a Copper Candelabra, to some lovely fine jewellery. Generally, I haven’t sold it, I have enjoyed giving it away, but to achieve one of my goals of increasing my income in retirement, I have recently started a new Folky shop, Cracking Gems.

Scroll down to see lots of pictures of my creations, and if there’s anything you like, and would like something similar, feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to talk about my  passion.

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Added 13th December 2017

Well I realised I haven’t added anything here for a while. The amount of stuff I make has definitely slowed down since I have been blogging, not to mention being in Madrid for 5 weeks. However, here are a couple of recent creations.

I have started doing some fold-forming again, inspired by Charles Lewton-Brain. I finished this on Monday 11th December. It is about 6in / 15cm across.

Cracking retirement - Copper Bowl
Fold Formed Copper Bowl

I’m still into jewellery making, so I’ll post another couple of photographs in the next day or two…

Added 3rd September 2017

Cracking Retirement Small Copper Candlestick

A different style of copper work. It stands about 12 inches high, I just loved the elegant curves.

And some silver. This is a twig that has been cast, then finished off with a silver mesh inside.

Cracking retirement cast silver twig mesh

Added 15th August 2017

This is a totally new area for me. It is the first time I have made a wall decoration. It is still 3D, but has a flat side so it can be hung against a wall. Far more useful than free standing candelabras…

Cracking Retirement - Sopper beech wall hanging

Added 29th June 2017

This one is from a series that I created from a blog post. I got the inspiration from my morning walk.  The thought of having a piece of jewellery made from a 100 year old tree just seemed such a lovely idea.

Cracking retirement inspiration the scarf

and here it is with the twig it was made from…

Cracking Retirement Inspiration Scarf Twig
The ‘Scarf’ and the twig

It is now hallmarked and added to my Folksy Shop

This one is also in the shop – I just love random pieces

Cracking REtirement Showcase Fused Argentium

Added 19th April 2017

Cracking Retirement - Silver Piece

Cracking Retirement - Copper Pendant


Added 21st March 2017

This pendant is made from a piece of Leopardskin Jasper, hand cut and polished, and then set in silver. It is about 1 inch by 1.5 inches

cracking Retirement Jewellery

Added 10th February 2017

Having been away the whole of January, my production had stopped. However, now I am back, and my workshop has been set up again, I am back to work.

I finished this on Monday. A small copper bowl, about 4in / 10cm diameter.

If I had continued hammering it, the sides would have gone completely straight, but I like the random effect, so I stopped at this stage. Picking up on my 2017 – Dream Big post, this might be one for eBay, to start trying to get an income from my hobby….


Added 29th November 2016

And I finally finished this yesterday. Made entirely from copper, with a delightful wee copper LED light string. It stands about 15in high. As we are going to go away on a trip just after Christmas this year, I think this will be my Christmas tree!!


Note to self for 2017 – work on my photography – these photographs really don’t do the work justice. I will be showing this at a forthcoming gallery show, so I hope I get lots of good feedback.


The 4 wee copper dishes at the base, have been made from flat sheet, and then shaped – a lot of hammering (very satisfying!). I’m pleased with the results.screenhunter_03-nov-29-19-05

some of the leaf detail. They are braided on using recycled copper from electrical wire.



Added 15th November 2016

I am rather proud of this one. It stands 4ft high. It is mainly made out of scrap copper, and I made it specifically for my son’s wedding. He was getting married in a ‘medieval cavern’ in Edinburgh, mainly lit by candles (You can see it on the right of the table )




and a few of the closer detail. The leaves, ‘flowers’ and candle holders have all been handmade….


Added 12th November 2016

Over the last few days, I have been trying to cast pewter. When cast, I am unable to do much work on pewter as it becomes brittle, so to make it easier, I used a silver bracelet I had made some time ago as a model, rather than a twig that would later need bending and shaping.

The photograph doesn’t really highlight the difference in colour, the pewter bangle is marginally duller, but the raw material is about one-tenth that of silver. So I will make a few pieces for a forthcoming sale, and see if it attracts any interest. I don’t know of anyone else in the area doing casting in either silver or pewter.


In the picture above, the silver one is to the right. In the picture below, the silver one is the top one. The silver one will be getting hallmarked!


Added 31st October 2016

This one is one of my favourites. I did it to take part in a challenge on the theme Winter.  It is called ‘The Thaw‘. The outside hoop is textured silver, the central ‘icicle’ is a cast silver twig, the blue piece to the right represents a lake with ice floating on it, created using enamel, and finally the clouds to the left are made with fine silver, and a ‘snowflake’ created from a bit of melted silver being ‘splashed’ onto a cold metal surface.


I love Silver Sand Casting – this involves making a mould in sand, then pouring melted silver into the mould. Here are a few examples. I love using nature as an inspiration, so many of my examples are originally based on twigs, all of which have come from my garden. So no-one will ever get the same thing!


This one came about because I started making a ring with the twig, then decided it was far too chunky as a ring, so I decided it would make a nicer pendant, so I added a ‘leaf’ to change the look. My friend Liz has this one.


This one evolved from 2 partial castings of twigs. It reminded me of when I was a child and fighting with my brother, on who should get to break the wishbone! My friend Helen has this one.


This is just to give you and idea of what the ‘silver scrap’ looks like, used to form a twig. The twig is then rolled to make it thinner, and finished with sandpaper to give it an interesting texture, and made into a ring.


This one was made from a long twig out of my garden, cast in silver, then shaped into a bangle. Quite a laborious process. Different twigs, but Nina in Norway, and Grace in Scotland have a version of this.


This one is my older son’s kilt pin. This was one of my first ever creations, and though I say it myself, one of the best!! To start with the twig was interesting as it had a soft outer layer, which broke up a bit in the cast, then it also had some ‘feathering’ which only added to the intrigue.