Blogs I follow

Here are the Blogs I read, in no particular order

UK Blogs

Hotels and Money.  Thanks to Frugal Fox who has been really helpful to me in navigating my way through the initial blog set up – have a look at his blog. He totally impressed me by being able to make money out of Lego

Skint Dad

From Pennies to Pounds

7 circles

Quietly Saving

Our Tour

Simple Living in Suffolk

Firein London

Early Retirement Guy

Lotty Earns

International Blogs

Thanks to Steve who runs Think Save Retire. he gave me a Shout Out which transformed my traffic, if only for a few days 😉

Thanks to Fritz at Retirement Manifesto who was so generous with his time in helping me to sort out a subscriber option.

Thanks to Mrs G at Freedom Is Groovy for a shout out which had another good impact on my traffic for a wee while!

Thanks to Grant at  Millennial Money for his helpful advice on how to change my blog. Still Work In Progress!

Mr Money Mustache

Budgets are Sexy (J Money)

Rockstar Finance

What Life Could Be

Mustard Seed Money


Ms Liz Money Matters

Financial Samurai

Kinetic Freedom

Choosing Voluntary Simplicity

Millennial Money Man

Mystery Money Man

The Green Swan

Early Retirement Now



These are general free money / good advice websites I have read and learned from. Note I haven’t paid for anything, neither am I being paid for these links! I’m not a financial advisor, I just found them interesting.

Monty Campbell. I particularly liked this questionnaire – big thinker or little thinker.