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I have been blogging for more than a year now, and I am discovering that older blog posts rarely get looked at, so here are the posts that I think were really good but didn’t get much visibility, have received positive feedback from the wider audience, or that I am really proud of. There’s another 60 or 70 to choose from, but I thought I would save you some search time.


Retirement posts

Cracking Retirement Positive Retirement sitting in the sun
Sitting in the sun is allowed

Well this is a retirement blog, so it isn’t really surprising that I have a couple of favourite posts in this category. I am very keen on making the most of retirement. It is such a great time. However there are a few things that underpin a great retirement. Some things make a huge difference to the quality of your life in retirement. Your health, your wealth, your outlook, your hobbies. I have explored a few of the options in these posts.


Money Focused Posts

Cracking Retirement Money in the Bank

An important part of this blog is looking at your money and how to make the most of it.

  • By far, my most popular post is My Drawdown Strategy. I took part in a blog chain, with fellow finance bloggers, where we all wrote about our own retirement drawdown strategies. We are all at different parts of our journey. Some are in their 20’s just trying to get debt free, to ones like myself who have already taken the step into retirement. Within the blog post there are links to all the other posts.
  • I have read, and continue to read many blog posts about whether it is better to rent or to buy. The results are very divided, and everyone has very strong opinions. I did an analysis of forty years of costs, to come up with this post…..  Housing Costs – a 40 year summary.  Buying suited us, but as our life changes in retirement, renting may become something we consider because it provides additional flexibility, albeit at a cost.
  • I have done several posts on trying to reduce your money spend and increase your savings, but here are two or three. Frugal February, Miserly March, Awesome April
  • Take the Spending Challenge – Focus on reducing your spend for 1 month.

Disclaimer I am not a Financial Adviser. I sometimes tell you what I have done, what suited me, but do your own research and get your own advice!



Cracking Retirement - Mount Cook
Mount Cook

A major part of our retirement is travel.

  • My husband both enjoy going to different places and seeing different things, but what we have enjoyed most of recent years is taking 1-2 months in a different city. Slow Travel. This will be part of our life as long as we are fit and able. The concept has proved really popular with many people.
  • This is the rather pretty long list of our Retirement Trips that we have taken since we retired, just 6 years ago. There are lots of individual posts, but these contain a fair selection. Feel free to look further. New Zealand and Madrid each have at least 4 or 5 posts!
  • And finally not really travel, because I live there, but I have done a couple of posts on Edinburgh including Edinburgh – Tourist in my own town


General Interest


Cracking Retirement - Cow horns
Watch those Horns
  • It is so easy to be negative – just read/listen to the news every day. There’s a disaster somewhere, the economy is going down, etc. I feel for people in famine and war-torn areas, but there is little I can do to help them except to contribute to the various appeals. However, if we all just took a little time to look at the things we have to be thankful for, then we would be better off. Here is my list of Things to be grateful for, from some time ago, and it is still just as appropriate today
  • What’s your emergency plan? Are your affairs in order? What would you do if you took ill. Some things to consider

Note: with the exception of 3 or 4 photographs, all the photography is mine. It isn’t perfect, but every shot I have included I was either in the photograph, behind the lens or a family member took it….


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