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Things to be grateful for

I read this post this morning on Cait Flanders website, where she documented 50 things she was grateful for and I thought it was such a good idea, I would post my own shorter, simpler list.  I found her on Rockstar Finance Forums, which  I have found to be a really interesting set of forums. As a new blogger, some of the intricacies of blogging are blowing my mind a bit….

I am so very thankful for

  1. My husband – without him life would not be so good
  2. My two lovely sons and their wives. They are healthy and happy. What more could anyone ask for?
  3. Being blessed with good health
  4. Having enough money to feed us and support our pretty simple life. The freedom from financial worry cannot be underestimated
  5. Retirement. The freedom to do what I want every day, not being at the beck and call of a demanding employer.
  6. A few very good friends, who I know I could call on at short notice and they would drop things to help me out
  7. A fulfilling hobby – metal working. If you want to see what I create, please look at the tab – My Metal Work
  8. Freedom to Travel, and finances to support it

Short and sweet. I’m sure there are a few things I have missed out, but this is my core ‘Thank You List’




  1. Short and sweet but no need to make it longer because you made every sentence count! You have much to be thankful for (and we do, too). Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. thanks. Have a great Thanksgiving too.

  2. A lovely list! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. You too. Hope you have a lovely day

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