The de-clutter continues

I was up in the loft again today – more clearing….

First of all I found a couple of brand new airfix kits. They’ll be on eBay shortly.

Then I started investigating all the Warhammer my two sons bought over the years and did a quick look at the prices. I hate to think they spent on it new, but this stuff is worth a fortune now. The first two boxes were selling for about £60-80 each, and there’s tons of it up there. here’s just a little bit of it!


Then I also started on the ‘junk’ . The two boxes are full of ‘history’ paperwork. That’ll take a while to sort.



This bundle might be easier, or maybe not…. A huge bag of tablecloths / mats (and yet to come is the same size bag of Irish Linen ones!) Some may go on eBay, but probably charity shop. Two ancient fold-up camp beds – charity shop. The wee black bag houses an ancient Toshiba lap top c 1995. Recycling. However the grey bag is another nightmare, full of paperwork from the bombing / total destruction of my home in Northern Ireland in 1976, which took my father a mere 10 years to get totally finalised.


The very burnt gable end in the centre of this photograph was my family home. My great grandfather built it about 1870, his daughter Henrietta (Henny) lived in it and ran a photographic business there, until the early 1930’s when her husband died. Sadly her son, Henry died in the first world war, aged just 18, and she and her husband never recovered from their loss. My grandfather took it over and he ran it with his wife, and then my Dad took it over, until the bombing in 1976.

Sadly, at the time of the bombing, the building held one hundred years of photographs of mainly North Antrim, Northern Ireland. A social history, landscapes, weddings, passport photos, family photos, holiday photos… Certainly as a child I remember seeing glass negatives of a school class dated 1874….  No cameras or negatives were ever thrown out.

Out of this huge house (29 rooms), came just a few things. This huge old Victorian cast iron bath attached to the wall on the  top (3rd) floor, and the massive old family bible. Underneath the bible  was a diary written by my uncle in 1929 (sadly he died in 1931). In it was a story of my Dad then aged 11, where he reset all the clocks in the house to be one hour later. They only found out when they went out for the fresh bread in the morning.  I had lived in that house all my life and I had never found that diary until after the fire!! Anyway, going back to the paperwork, hopefully I’ll just be able to throw that out entirely, but I had better read it first!

We are super hoarders, so it was a wrench, but we have even got rid of the three large cardboard boxes the computers came in, even the one for the computer we no longer have! The loft is starting to look a bit emptier. Still plenty to go though.

I have sold a wee china jug on eBay, I got 99p! I did research whether any of the china resellers would be interested in my mother’s Royal Doulton dinner set – no luck, or in some of my virtually new china – no luck!

I have been helping a friend list her children’s old Ladybird books on eBay. She has been significantly more successful. Her 4 last week sold for £11.50. She has two lots in for today. Another £2.50 for her….

Meanwhile now off to list the two airfix sets – you never know.



  1. Don’t sell those games, they look awesome. I’ve never heard of any of them. What a shame about your previous home and the loss of so much personal history. I’m up there in years. The late 70’s were a horrible time in Ireland. So sad.

    1. Thanks
      I’ll take stock in a few weeks, and decide what to do with the games. They’re a niche ‘gamer’ market, which seems to be pretty popular worldwide. If they’re all I have left, I’ll be content.
      As for the ‘Troubles’, what can anyone say? I am so glad Northern Ireland has gone beyond that and is a vibrant interesting place again. I spent a few weeks there in September / October and loved it.

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