Cracking Retirement - Mastering Bloglovin

Mastering Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Starting Off

I’ve just signed up to Bloglovin, and I am trying to ‘Claim my blog’, so I am following the instructions to put this in the first part of a blog post.

I filled in all the details, and then decided to ‘claim my blog’.┬áThe first instruction was to insert the line of text above. Which I did, and published probably the shortest post I have ever written!

I am happy to report that I have now successfully ‘claimed’ my blog. It worked first time

It didn’t take very long, and was pretty easy, all things considered.

The only ‘difficulty’ I found is the Bloglovin doesn’t have a Retirement category, so I have settled on ‘Lifestyle’ as a category.

Even more surprising, I found that this blog has already got some followers on Bloglovin – thanks guys.

I spent a little time putting some of my favourite blogs in my list, and have gone for a weekly list. It’s certainly an easy way of keeping up to date with everything, as opposed to having to access each one individually, so I think I will use it regularly.

Whether I’ll post anything under it, I’m not sure – time will tell!







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  1. I’ve been with Bloglovin for a couple of years now and it’s how I (try to) keep track of the various FI/PF blogs I read (including yours!)

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