Cracking Retirement - Week 1 Diet Update

Outcome of my weight challenge – Week 1

Well, the results are in

The scales started last week at 78.7kg

The scales this week are at  77.7kg

I had hoped for a tad more, because I have been extremely well behaved, but there’s always next week, and even the week after! If I keep up this progress, I will be under 70kg in 2-3 months!

Ever optimistic!

Next update at end April, unless you ask for an earlier one. My target is 74kg (I only lost 1kg when I was being ultra good, so even if I continue at the same pace, another 3.7kg would be a huge win, within  the next few weeks!

I’m going to still try and and minimise the carbs for another week at least. I have discovered a pretty amazing ‘Cloud Bread’ recipe. It suggests, cream cheese, herbs and garlic. I decided to cut to the chase, and I used Boursin last week which is a lovely soft cream cheese with garlic and herbs which I love. This week, I am trying a supermarket home brand ‘Garlic Roule’. Half the price, but I hope will have the same flavour. It saves me worrying about getting the herb/garlic balance right!

I found the recipe on Pinterest (I’m hoping this link works, I have never tried a Pinterest link before!)  I used half the recipe (i.e. 2 eggs.) When they came out of the oven, my husband said – they’re not great are they? then proceeded to eat 6 of the 9 I had made! Yeah, they’re not pancakes or fresh bread, but they’re far better than nothing! On Thursday this week, I am meeting some friends, I’ll take some fresh baked ones, and take their views!

Onwards & upwards (and hopefully thinner…)





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