Day 2


I’m still trying to get used to this blogging, but really determined to give it a go!

Today, I spent a few hours bashing sheet copper into bowls. Picture to follow. very therapeutic.

Today I’ve read several articles on ‘Living Rich’. A couple of items resonated with me.

  1. Do you need a huge house? – no! Any size, that you have personalised to suit you is all you need. Otherwise you run the risk that it is just a show piece, you don’t use it all, and it really does become a waste of space.
  2. Lovely holidays are great, but do your research, you can really cut the cost of those amazing holidays with a bit of work. Book ahead, take up offers, go slightly off-season. Choose your suppliers carefully. Minor differences to the package make a huge difference to the end-price. Example –  I am going to New Zealand for January, I chose a lower cost airline, and selected the dates carefully. outcome – I got business (club) class seats for less than premier economy with a different airline. Hey, I’ll snooze that win for hours, given that I will be on the move for 35 hours!
  3. Choose your cars. Don’t buy new, and hold on to them for years. You lose so much on a new car. Well I failed that, I bought new, but I am holding on hard. Last time was 10 years. This time, I am 3 years in, but no desire to change yet. Even better the car I bought in 2013 was cheaper then the same car I bought in 2003..
  4. Only buy the clothes you intend to wear immediately. We all buy far too many, then they end up in the closet and never get worn. Apparently we only regularly wear 20% of our wardrobe. true for me. So if we focus on that 20%, we can save a fortune!
  5. Don’t buy random things, just because you feel the need to spend money. By all means splash on certain things, such as the bed you sleep in (one third of your day), but stop that casual spending. It only gives you short term pleasure, not long term gain

Meanwhile, I’m off to bed. It’s 10:30pm UK time. I am trying to transform my hours.

  • Go to bed earlier, get up earlier.
  • fit a walk in (failed miserably recently)
  • spend some time on your business plan
  • do some fun things
  • have a laugh – it really is good for you!


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