Cracking Retirement Edinburgh Rain

Edinburgh Rain

Edinburgh Rain. It is ‘summer’ here. Today it is the 29th June. We are 1 week after the longest day. It is 11:30am. I have the light on.  The rain is pouring down. This is the second day this week we have torrential rain. Basically it is horrible.

Cracking Retirement Edinburgh in the rain

On Tuesday it also rained until late afternoon. I had to go to the dentist. I had to wear my winter coat, it was raining so much. Even then I still got pretty wet. I live quite near a campsite. I feel for those poor tourists camping. It would be impossible to keep dry. Gumboots would be an essential piece of kit, even to get to the bathroom.

The temperature is currently 11c, it is expected to rise to 12c. Whoopee! I have had to put the heating on, I was starting to turn blue!

Having depressed you all, how about the good side of a rainy day in Edinburgh?

  • There are lots of Art Galleries and Museums in Edinburgh to visit, all free! I covered some of them here
  • There’s also plenty of great places to visit that charge – Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood House, Royal Yacht Britannia to name but a few.
  • If you pay for a day ticket on the bus (Individual £4, Family £8.50), you can hop on and off the buses to save you having to walk too far in the rain. All buses take a wheelchair.
  • Instead of walking, take a tram along Princes Street. Go both directions! It is covered in the bus ticket above. It is wheelchair friendly and goes slowly enough for you to see the castle.
  • Try out some of the many coffee shops / restaurants. There are loads along Princes Street with great views of the Castle. I was in Twenty a few weeks ago with friends. The view was stunning. Two lunches and two drinks was £20. (Note: Not an advert – just a statement of fact! The food was good too..)
Cracking REtirement - Edinburgh Restaurant
View from Twenty
  • Everyone is friendly, even on a bad day (we’re used to it!) You’ll have someone chat to you at the bus stop, give you advice on the best way to get somewhere.

So far this year, we have been really lucky, we haven’t had too many days of rain, so the gardeners will be glad of it. My peas and beans certainly will enjoy it. But they could do with some more heat. According to the weather forecast, it wont be this week anyway! Let’s face it, Scotland is green because of the amount of rain.

We do get some lovely days . Here’s the difference between the two days, taken from pretty much the same place with the same camera! (Taken from my study)

Cracking Retirement Edinburgh Rain

We just need to make the most of those lovely days, and not let the wet days get to us. When our boys were small, and we were inside in the rain, I would eventually get them to put their waterproofs and boots on, and we would go out ‘puddle jumping’. It allowed them to use their energy and everybody returned home feeling better. I’m told there is no such thing as a  bad day, just the wrong sort of clothing…

Meanwhile I am using today to catch up on some chores.

  • I’m doing some blogging
  • I am adding some items to my Folksy Shop
  • I’m doing a bit of jewellery work
  • I’m intending to finalise my trip to Madrid. I had been waiting for a response on one apartment, but I haven’t received it, so I’m going with the one who did respond.
  • I’m going to book my travel to Ireland for a wedding in July.
  • and finally it’s coming up to half-year, so time to do my financial review.

I certainly won’t be bored!

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